Heitmann 902 Baby Lamb Skin 70-80 cm

Heitmann 902 Baby Lamb Skin 70-80 cm

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A real lamb skin,

therefore especially cozy and warm, hygienic efficient and medical recommended.  It puts natural love and security to your favorite.  Temperature balancing, warming in the winter, cooling in the summer. 

It was used an extra protective tanning, that optimal conserves the characteristics of the nature lamb skin. 

Permanent checkups, analyses and inspections of neutral institutes guarantee you a high quality lamb skin. 

Fully washable 

  • temperature balancing because of the thick wool fleece: warming in the winter, cooling in the summer
  • high moisture absorbency
  • never feel cold
  • put over love and security
  • high self cleaning power 
  • easy-to-clean
  • baktericidal

hair lenght: ca. 50 mm
colour: gold-beige

size: ca. 70-80 cm

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